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My background:

A Ugandan born who has lived his entire life, studied currently working within Uganda. 

I am a professionally licensed Occupational therapist. 

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My Medical career has been a respectable one to all. Its a whole 8 yrs career by the time of this writing (12/ 2015). 

I have worked diligently with all clients who have had a chance to be under my care, including locals and international clients .

Most of my colleagues and friends like to refer to me as Emma and am one of the finest
Occupational therapists to have graced the profession in Uganda. 

To sum up, i am having an impressive enviable professional career at the moment as an
occupational therapist.


Computer Knowledge and my online interest:  

2001 had a very profound effect in my life as it turned out that i was ushered to my first lesson about the computer: 

It was a short lesson of 30 minutes about how
the machine works, switching it on/off and those basic things that have made me move as far as i have reached in computing. 

Never did i take any other formal lessons or have i ever undertaken certified training for its use.

Today i rank myself way above many that have taken formal training, just simply for the fact that the computing has for most of my life since 2001 been in my daily life not for the pleasure but for the love to accomplish a number of activities on my own. 

This has set me up to a track of constant learning and discovery. 

Computing has led me to find one of my passions currently and that is the art of design. 

Currently i am a competent webmaster for a number of websites.

In essence self education and the love to learn has began paying me dividends. 

My gratitude goes to my friends back then (Moses and Patrick ) who encouraged me to visit an internet cafe ( a new phenomenon to me by then) and sign up for an email from yahoo, that i still use up too today although i have opened others but i officially use that first one.
And thats how i was ushered online. 

But i must tell you that although i did not go to any formal or certified training in ICT, i have had to invest a great deal of time to teach myself all that i know and can do now. 

Its this love to learn that has enabled me to expand my knowledge on whatever subject matter there is that i wish to learn about. 

Thanks again for the internet i have been able to achieve all that.

I have a keen interest in designing and learning about anything there is about the subject. With internet i have spent countless hours browsing about any interesting subjects there is available.

It was in the beginning of the 2015 that i have decided to share the vast knowledge of the internet with friends and this has led me to start on a journey to make what seems impossible to many simpler. 

Luckily for me , i was not all alone; i have been able to get educated all over the internet by some of the best entrepreneurs, therapists, self help gurus on the  inte
rnet and in the real world.


Why start this blog?

 I have published this blog to help you my reader, friend, motivate you and hand hold you throughout your internet experience. With my 15 yrs on the internet i have been through alot and i understand how frustrating it could be to sit at your computer or in a cafe trying to figure out how to do a thing but cannot figure out how to do it or get it. 

My 15 year online experience brings to you a repertoire of skills that can be at your disposal in no time, ask me for ideas in Web development, Graphic design, Web mastering, proof reading, Internet browsing and research, online marketing, spam / scam detection, books and anything else that you would like to find out.

Luckily for you reading now, you are not all alone; you will have 15yrs of online experience brought to you without having to huff and puff because i believe its my right to help you getting started online Be sure to get education from the best trainers that have trained me as well all over the internet all at a free cost. 

My online goal for 2016 is to help all those who are struggling in their life including health, relationship, weight burdens, financial matters, and all other areas of life to live a better life. 

I will try as much in my means to hold your hand especially if you are starting out in the world of internet and guide you through whatever you would wish to accomplish that you think is satisfactory to your situation. 

All i request of you is to share this article and any other that you find here with your friends on social media so that they also have the opportunity to learn what you are learning. In this way you help in creating a ripple effect that will enhance our lives all together.